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Fast, reliable and packed with features, our WordPress hosting options are designed to fit your needs.

Sourcehosting and WordPress. A match made in hosting heaven.

Sourcehosting has been recommended by businesses since 2014 for a very good reason – there simply isn’t a hosting option out there that knows how to optimize WordPress websites better.

Themes and Plugins

A seemingly limitless library of themes and marketplace of powerful plugins lets you customize your site’s look and function as you see fit.

Reliable Stability

Sourcehosting products and services are designed to provide superior speed, design and performance for WordPress websites. It’s what we do.

Open Source

With a development team experienced in optimizing over 80 open source platforms, Sourcehosting is the world’s leading solution for open source implementation and development.

Choose your way to WordPress.

Every WordPress site we host enjoys automatic updates and 24/7 expert support.

All the WordPress tools, resources and support needed for success.




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Keep visitors on page with faster WordPress

Faster WordPress hosting means better UX, fewer bounces, and happier visitors.

100% SSD storage

You’ll get faster read/write speeds and your content will load up to 10x faster with all-SSD storage.

Caching for faster loading Improved

Boost loading speeds by up to 30% with the free caching plugin. It uses a full page cache to store HTML, so your site loads faster the next time a visitor lands on your page.

Cloudflare Railgun CDN

Available in our Unlimited plan, the Cloudflare Railgun Content Delivery Network (CDN) takes all your website files and delivers them to the closest server, boosting loading times and improving UX.

Local data centers

Host locally in one of our ten ISO-certified data centers in the US and Europe.

Manage multiple WP sites with CLI control

Fine-tune multiple websites with less hassle.

WP-CLI supported

Manage one or multiple WordPress sites using WP-CLI — the official command line tool for WordPress. Make updates and do admin without logging in or even using your browser with WP-CLI.

Unlimited SFTP hosting

We don’t limit traffic or bandwidth. Your file transfers stay safe and secure with SFTP, but you’ll never have your traffic throttled or pay overage fees.

SSH access

SSH gives you a secure, encrypted channel to protect your website from DNS, IP spoofing and other types of attacks. Our WordPress plans include SSH access for safer remote operation.

Advanced developer features

Our WordPress hosting includes dev-friendly features like .htaccess, a domain API, cron job scheduling and more. It also works with Git, WebDAV, SSI, and is IPv6 ready.

Keep your site secure and online

Downtime can get expensive — minimize it with a more secure platform.

Daily backups by Jetpack Free for 12 months

Keep all your content safe with daily backups and one-click restores from Jetpack. You’ll get the first 12 months free with a coupon code when you purchase a Business or Unlimited plan.

DDoS shield

Our advanced DDoS shield keeps denial of service attacks at bay by filtering out suspect traffic and protecting you from downtime.

Malware protection

Get automatic malware scans of your website and hosting platform. You’ll get an email alert if a threat is found. The Unlimited plan also includes automatic repair.

99.97% uptime guaranteed

Our WordPress hosting platform is georedundant, so all your data is mirrored in two data centers simultaneously. This keeps your site online even during maintenance and outages.

Sample websites

See what our team can do for your website.

Professional designs lead to great websites

Get started with engaging design templates for all industries that are optimized for all devices. The responsive design means your website will look great no matter which device your visitors are using.